Dr Letizia De Mori


  • British Psychological Society - CPsychol: 483873 

  • Number of Veneto Psychologist Board: 8774 

Dr Letizia De Mori had over 10 years in Neuropsychology
9.7k+ Assessment and 10k+ Clinical Observation

Dr Letizia De Mori



2017- Today 2017 Research Grant “Neuropsychological and Functional profiles in children and adolescents with Silver Russell Syndrome (SRS), Turner Syndrome (TS) and Congenital Hypothyroidism (IC). Correlations with fMRI – 3T”. University of Genoa – Giannina Gaslini Pediatric Hospital (Italy).

2015 – 20116 Masters “Learning Disability and School Difficulties”. Centro Studi Erickson Trento.

2006 – 2009 Degree: “Education and Developmental Psychological Science”.

Padova University – Psychology Department

2009 – 2011 Master’s Degree: “Clinical Psychology”. Padova University – Psychology Department

Former Allieva Salesian Institute San Zeno – Verona (Italy)

  • Professional Experiences and Internship


2013-2014 “Operational Methodologies”. Teaching at the first and second level secondary school at the Istituto Piccole Suore Sacra Famiglia (Verona), school year 2012-2013.


2014-2015 Support teacher, Secondary Secondary School at the Small Family Sisters Institute (Verona – Italy).


2014-2015 Member of the GLI commission (Working Group for Inclusion), at the Istituto Piccole Sore Sacra Famiglia (Verona – Italy).

2012 Free Activity sponsored by Cavaion Veronese (VR) Municipality:

  • execution of summer homework, with children and adolescents with ADHD and Learning disabilities.

  • Parenting Support.

Since 2014 Private Practice. Founder of “Dr. De Mori Psychological Studio”, which are carried out activities of: psychodiagnosis, cognitive rehabilitation (Learning Disability, ADHD, intellectual Disability and post brain damage), method of study, psychological support, parent training and bereavement management.

  • In the study there are four other psychologists in clinical setting, in addition to

  • Dr De Mori

2011-2017 Free Activity, twice per week, in Internship in Complex Operative Unit Infant – Maternal of Bussolengo (VR) ULSS 22, about Development Assessment, testing and reports for parents and teachers.

2018 Free Activity, twice per week, in Internship in Complex Operative Unit Infant – Maternal of Bussolengo (VR) ULSS 9, about Development Assessment, testing and reports for parents and teachers.

Territorial Infant Neuropsychiatry Service


2010 Internship in Complex Operative Unit Infant – Maternal of Bussolengo (VR) Tutor Dr. Zullini (Infant Neuropsychiatry)

2012-2017 Internship in Complex Operative Unit Infant – Maternal of Bussolengo (VR) – Tutor Dr. Bertini (Psychologist), and Dr. Zullini’s Staff emplacement.

2008 Internship in Infant Neuropsychiatry Unit, with Prof. Dalla Bernardina’s Staff – Tutor Dr Battistella.


Studies and Interest:


  • Rehabilitation for students with Learning disabilities.
  • Teachers training for Learning disabilities.
  • Rare Syndrome.

Thesis and Research


2009 “Role of imitation in the Cognitive, Linguistic and Social Developmental in Twins”. Thesis Bachelor’s Degree in Development and Education Sciences (Padua)

2011 “Working Memory in Williams Syndrome and typically developing children”. Thesis master’s degree in clinical psychology (Padua – Italy).

2012 Research with more control on Williams Syndrome and typically developing children.

2016 Research on Silver – Russell Syndrome.

2017 Silver – Russell Syndrome and Musical – Training: a possible rehabilitation. Thesis Master in “Learning Disability and School Difficulties”.

Erikson Centre (Trento – Italy).


Research Grant


October 2017 In progress, at the University of Genoa – Istituto Giannina Gaslini (Pediatric Hospital): “Neuropsychological and Functional Profiles in children and Adolescents with Silver Russell Syndrome (SRS), Turner’s Syndrome (TS) and Congenital Hypothyroidism (IC). Correlations with fMRI – 3T.”



  • • Barbara Carretti, Silvia Lanfranchi, Letizia De Mori, Irene Mammarella, and Renzo Vianello; Exploring visuo-spatial working memory performance of individuals with Williams Syndrome. Research in Developmental Disability 37 (2015) 37 -44 – Elsevier.
  • • Lanfranchi, S., De Mori, L., Mammarella. I. C., Carretti, B., & Vianello, R. Spatial-sequential and spatial-simultaneous working memory in individuals with William Syndrome. American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Vol. 120, (2015) 193 – 202.
  • • Patti G., De Mori L., Tortora D., Severino M.S., Calevo M., Russo S., Napoli F., Confalonieri L., Schiavone M., Thiabat H.F., Casalini E., Morana G., Rossi A., Ramenghi L.A., Maghnie M., Di Iorgi N.

Cognitive Profiles and Brain Volume are Affected in Patients with Silver Russell Syndrome. The journal of Clinic Endocrinology & Metabolism.

  • • Perri K., De Mori L., Tortora D., Calevo M. Grazia, Allegri A.E.M, Napoli F., Patti G., Fava D., Crocco M., Schiavone M., Thiabat H.F., Severino M., Rossi A., Di Iorgi N., Gastaldi R., Maghnie M. Data from: Cognitive Impairment and White Matter Microstructure Abnormalities in Children with Congenital Hypothyroidism. Figshare 2020. Deposited 3 October 2020. doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13047776.v1
  • • De Mori L. What it means to see the neurons “rush into the Brain”. Psychoterapy Section Review 65, Winter 2020.



  • • Seminar – Speaker:

Letizia De Mori, Mauro Montanari; Dislessia a quattro mani – la pratica allo strumento musicale dell’allievo dislessico. (Dyslexia at four hands – musical instrument practice of dyslexic students). School of music and Theatre A. Salieri; Sommacampagna (VR – Italy) January 18th 2014.

  • • Seminar – Speaker:

Letizia De Mori, Roberto Grison; Dislessia, questa sconosciuta (Dyslexia, this unknow). MOICA –Verona; Verona (Italy) November 20 th 2013.

  • • Poster:

Barbara Carretti, Silvia Lanfranchi, Irene Mammarella, Letizia De Mori and Renzo Vianello; Exploring visuo-spatial working memory performance of individuals with Williams Syndrome. 9th European Conference on Psychological Theory and Research on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ECIDD); Trieste – Italy; June,14-16, 2012.

  • • Poster:

Letizia De Mori, Barbara Carretti, Silvia Lanfranchi, Irene C. Mammarella, and Renzo Vianello; Analisi della Memoria di Lavoro Visuo-spaziale in individui con Sindrome di Williams (Visuo-spatial Working Memory Analysis in individual with Williams Syndrome) . XXI Congresso Nazionale AIRIPA – Disturbi dell’Apprendimento (XXI National Conferences AIRIPA – Learning Disability); Bari October, 12-13 2012.

  • • Seminar – Speaker:

Letizia De Mori; Psychological Assessment. CICER; Abu Dhabi, December 10th 2015.

  • • Conference – Speaker:

Letizia De Mori; How do I know everything is ok with my child? Inclusion Seminar. The British International School Abu Dhabi, December 4th 2016.

  • • Seminar – Speaker:

Letizia De Mori; The price of Learning. CICER; Abu Dhabi, December 4th 2016.

  • • Training – Professor:

Support course for the music psychology course for the acquisition of 24 credits as per Decree 59/2017.

Mantua Music Conservatory.

  • • Seminar: Speaker:

Cognitive and Neuroradiological evaluation.

Silver-Russell Syndrome: face to face with the families.

December 13, 2017. Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genoa – Italy.

  • • Seminar – Professor:

Turner Syndrome: Functional Profiles and Neuroanatomical correlations.

“World Growth Week – September 23-27 2019”.

Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genoa – Italy.


  • • British Psychological Society. BPS Co – Creation Summit.

London (UK) – February 17, 2020 / April 2020.

(“Mentoring and Coaching” presentation).


  • • Testing and Assessment from developmental age, adolescent age, adulthood, with rendering results.
  • • Supporting of Infant Neuropsychiatry during first ambulatory and hospital unit visits.
  • • Competencies follow-up visits.
  • • Competencies in family history for first visits.
  • • Cognitive Rehabilitation (brain injury) through software ERICA and Erickson.
  • • SPSS program for statistic analysis.
  • • Windows Operative System.
  • • Macintosh Apple Operative System.
  • • Office pack (for both OS).
  • • Internet (Explorer; Firefox; Google Crome; Opera; Safari).
  • • Rehabilitation for ADHD and Learning Disability.
  • • Drafting of EIP (Education Individualized Plan) and DPP (Didactic Personalized Plan).
  • • Psychological support during the bereavement.



  • • Cognitive
  • • Personality
  • • Language
  • • ADHD
  • • Attention
  • • Memory
  • • Learning Disabilities
  • • Neuropsychology
  • • Clinical disorders
  • • Autism
  • • Emotional intelligence
  • • Forensic psychology


Other Expertise


  • • First AID Diploma at Red Cross of Balerna (Switzerland).
  • • Diploma DAE.
  • • ECDL Certification (European Computer Driving License).
  • • Psychologist Support in pregnancy and after delivery bereavement.
  • • Assessment and treatment of the child with the disorder of praxis skills (verbal and motor), simple or combined.
  • • ADHD: clinical and educational strategies.
  • • Diagnosis of Learning Disability: the role of the memory and the attention.
  • • Learning Disability and rehabilitation protocols to develop memory and attention.
  • • Assessment of psychological damage.
  • • Assessments of parenting skills.
  • • Neurocognitive causes in Learning Disability and specific language disorder: Attention and perception role.
  • • WISC – IV, Weschler Intellingece Scale for Children: Administration, Scoring e Clinical interpretation.
  • • Victimology – Clinical documentation, diagnostic and rehabilitation clinical-assistential path, assistance profiles – care profiles.
  • • Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
  • • Review of Clinical Care Paths in the Light of a Multi-Professional Integration Approach.
  • • Technical and Expert Consultancy for low courts and lawyers.
  • • Hikikomori: intervention and prevention strategies on self-inmate youngsters.
  • • New SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus health emergency: prevention and contrast.
  • • Infection prevention and control in the context of the COVID-19 emergency.
  • • Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging.
  • • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FADS): Epidemiology, Diagnosis, treatment and Prevention.




• 2015-2016 Learning Disability, Specific Learning Difficulties and School.

Centro Studi Erickson. Trento

Superior Certificate

  • • European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy).
  • • Neurab – Cognitive Recovery. Technologies for neurocognitive rehabilitation.


Court of Tribunal


2018 Register T.E.C. (Technical Expert Consultant)/ Experts – Court.