Neuro Rehabilitation

With children, teachers are involved, because they represent an important part of their life and
their developmental process.
Rehabilitation and treatments include various aspects, based on data and results from the
Assessments can be focused on different aims, like SLD (Specific Learning Disorders),
ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), and other types of difficulties and
characteristics from clinical evaluations.
In addition, rehabilitation and cognitive stimulations are structured after cerebral damage
(stroke, cerebral haemorrhage, aneurysm) and after a comatose state.
The rehabilitation includes the use of specific software and platforms.
The rehabilitation programs are based on individual pathology and the compromised brain

Neuro-Rehab Packege with Psychologist

1st Month £ 1000 to build and realize the rehabilitation program
from Month 2nd £ 800 per month