Adolescence It is an evolutionary stage, a life passage that requires the child to go through it in order to subsequently arrive in the "world" of young adults.In this passage of life, which lasts approximately from 12 to 18 years, the



Compared to previous versions, the new WISC®–VUK is more flexible and has greater interpretive power, as it is made up of a greater number of secondary tests (16) in order to obtain a more complete view of cognitive abilities. An expanded factorial

Mental Depression


Very often, when we talk about bullying, both sides of this non-functional relationship are not taken into consideration: the bully (characterized by actions of prevarication in a systematic way of abuse carried out) and the victim (considered an easy target, a


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism is a "spectrum" condition, this means that although all people with autism share certain difficulties, the way and intensity varies enormously from person to person. The disorders concern the development of social, cognitive, emotional, communication skills, both gestural and verbal,