In the common idea, almost a stereotype, Psychologists are seen as seers, who read minds, are sometimes considered as a danger (especially for the most troubled minds and sometimes
In reality, Psychologists are also people and as such they must be considered and treated, or with
respect and that right feeling, so much so that we don’t forget that we too are behind ours
desk we can be exposed to dangers.
In this regard, I believe and it could be emblematic to report an event that is often perpetuated,
especially for Psychologists, meaning the harassment that passes through a veiled attempt to help
and psychological support.
Many times we Psychologists are exposed to provocations, prevarications, verbal and sexual abuse,
verbal and physical aggression, we suffer more or less direct threats, as women.
Our willingness to offer our skills and that intimacy that has always characterized
the rooms of our Studios, we also provide our telephone numbers for more information
handy for all those who need help in times of mental and daily difficulty
being able to shout in silence the discomfort that makes their thoughts breathless… in the midst of all ours
professionalism there are also those who see in our availability an opportunity, but not for
therapy but of abuse and with not too veiled words they creep into our days
with specific requests.
Psychologists and psychologists are always exposed to mental and physical dangers, abuse and violence, in
how much for their role and their mission they expose themselves and take responsibility for acting
at the forefront.
Even Psychologists and Psychologists can fear for their safety, but the sense of
responsibility that characterizes us and unites us, gives us the desire and strength to overcome abuses,
threats and the constant persecutions that the most fragile and disadvantaged people address to us.